Demos Explained

What are Demos? What is a Demo?

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Executable linkprograms which produce, in linkreal time, engaging computer graphics and music. Programming, Art, and music Composition skills are stressed. Demos are similar in some ways (but are not equivalent) to music videos or short films.


Demos are created at, and submitted to, competitions called linkDemo Parties mostly in western Europe. Leading countries are Finland, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Germany. There have been a handful of 'Demo Parties' in North America at Berkeley, UC San Diego, and Canada.


Demos appeared in the `80s. Intros were the first form of Demos. They became more popular in the early `90s. People continuously argue about demos 'fading away' -- however this has yet to happen.


Initially, demos were coded exclusively  in linkassembly, for the emerging home computers. Gradually demos started using linkC, and finally linkC++ as well as running in Windows and using hardware accelerated graphics cards. The music for demos uses special formats similar in concept to linkMIDI files (but containing their own instrument and vocal audio samples)


Demos are about passion. They are about getting a computer to do the coolest thing you've ever seen a computer do. They are about great music, great art, and great programming (All biased to what the 'scene' has grown to respect).

Text based on "linkDemos Explained; What are Demos? What is a Demo?" by Vincent Scheib. With kind permission.