23rd january 2005

Virtual museum opens subsidiary in Germany

Digitale Kultur e.V. in cooperation with NetCologne opens German mirror for global “” network. is the main virtual museum for the worldwide demoscene. The demoscene concerns itself with creating computer generated short movies that show the ultimate in graphic and sound performance capable on todays hardware. The archive contains nearly all productions released in the last 15 years.

In cooperation with NetCologne, who is suppling the connectivity, Digitale Kultur e.V. is now able to provide a German mirror for the currently 250 gigabyte size archive.

Originally only reachable via FTP protocol, the main server located in Holland was updated over the years to a comfortable WWW site, allowing the users to download the productions from their nearest mirror. Available among those mirrors now is the copy located in the NetCologne datacenter in Cologne, Germany.

“A German mirror is insofar important for the demoscene as after very successful demoscene events the main server suffers from the amount of access”, says Timo Eismar from Digitale Kultur e.V.

Beside productions from the demoscene “” also contains a music archive featuring many netlabels. “Free server such as these are essential for the digital media and artworld”, underlines Marc Wallowy, labelhead of Tokyo Dawn Records, strengthening the importance of this server to the netlabel movement: “Without the gracious support of organisations like Digitale Kultur e.V. or the rising netlabel-Scene would never be possible”.

Press information

The press information is available in pdf format.