Articles of Association

§ 1 Name, Place, Fiscal Year

  1. The association carries the name “Digitale Kultur e.V.”
  2. The place of business is Cologne. The association will be added to the register of associations.
  3. The fiscal year is the calendar year

§ 2 Objectives and tasks of the association

  1. The association aims to support the exchange of the arts and sciences and the works created by this exchange. This will be accomplished by creating a network of contacts between artists and interested parties on a national and international level.
  2. The association aims at achieving these goals particularly with regard to
    • organisation of an anual competition with the goal of finacially supporting projects of digital art and its distribution
    • staging and supporting international conventions and meetings
    • regular public meetings and lectures
    • research groups and exchange of experiences

§ 3

(deals with the associations status as a friendly society) #### §4 Membership

  1. All natural and legal entities supporting the cause of the association can become members.
  2. The association accepts normal and benefactorial members.
  3. Normal members are active members. They have a vote in the associations general meeting.
  4. Benefactorial members are passive members without a vote in the meeting.

§5 Beginning and End of membership

  1. Admission to the association or change of membership status from benefactorial to normal is by written application.
  2. Against denial of admission, which is possible without giving reasons, the applicant has the right to appeal to the general meeting, whose decision about membership is final.
  3. Suspension of membership or change of status from normal to benfictorial is to be done in writing to the executive committee three months before the end of the fiscal year.
  4. Membership can be suspended by decision of the executive committee on grounds of acting against the goals of the association or by lack of fullfillment of a members obligations.

§6 Membership fees

  1. A membership fee is applicable. The amount and terms of payment are set by the general meeting.
  2. The executive committee has the right to abstain from collecting the fees in full or in part due to indigence.

§7 Organs of the association

Organs of the association are:

  • the general meeting
  • the executive committee

§8 The general meeting

  1. Main organ of the association is the general meeting. It is presided over by the executive chairman.
  2. The general meeting sets the directives for the work of the association and is the deciding body for questions of fundamental importance. Primay tasks of the general meeting are:
    • selection and deselection of the executive committee
    • selection of 2 auditors for the duration of 2 year. The auditors have the right to audit the associations finances at any time. They report to the general meeting about the audit.
    • Acceptance of the annual report and audit from the executive committee and the accountants
    • setting of rules concernig membership fees. These rules are not part of the articles of association.
    • taking of decisions concerning expansion or reduction of the associations activities.
    • taking of decisions concerning a change in the articles of association and the termination of the associations existence
  3. Invitation to the members meeting is by written mail, email, or announcement on the associations homepage at least four weeks prior to the meeting. An general meeting takes place as often as neccessary, at least once a year.
  4. The neccessity to a general meeting can be reached if at least 25% of normal members call for it, giving applicable reasons. It has to take place 5 weeks after the call at the latest.
  5. The general meeting constitutes a quorum when more than half of the normal members are present. Decision is by simple majority. In case of nonexistence of a qourum the executive committee has to call for another general meeting immediately. This second meeting constitutes a quorum without consideration of the 50% rule. This fact hast to be stated in the invitation to the second meeting.
  6. A record of minutes of the proceedings is to be written about the general meeting. It is to be signed by the executive chairman and the keeper of minutes.

§9 The executive committee

  1. The executive committee consists of the executive chairman and two vice-chairman. They form the executive committee according to $26 BGB (German Civil Code). Positions in the executive committee are unsalaried.
  2. For official representation signature of two members of the executive committee is sufficient.
  3. Term of office for the executive committee is two years. The executive committee stays in office until a new committee has been elected. Reelection is permitted.
  4. The excutive committee meets monthly.
  5. Decisions of the executive committee must be recorded in writing and are to be signed by the executive chairman.

§10. Changes in the articles of association

  1. Changes in the articles of association, goals and aims of the association or termination of the association are to be decided by the general meeting. Drafts of these actions are to be presented to to the members at least one month prior to the meeting. Decision on these drafts is by majority of 3/4 of the attending members.
  2. Changes in rules and regulations forced on the association by government institutions and bodies are to be executed by the executive committee and do not neccessitate a decision by the members meeting. They are to be reported to the members with the next invitation to a general meeting at the latest.
  3. In case of termination of the association, all funds are transferred to the Chaos Computer Club Cologne e.V. with the condition of using them to support the exchange of arts and sciences.

Stand: 03.04.2003

Becoming a member

To become a member of "Digitale Kultur e.V." please fill out the member application form and send it to given adress. Please inform yourself about the articles of association before you do so.

Information about membership application for non german applicants

Non german applicants can only join as benefactorial members. This is due to a decision taken by the executive committee. If the amount of non german and therefore probably not general meeting attending people becomes to high the possibility exists that the association is no longer able to make decisions or form a quorum (Article 8.5). Therefore, if you want to join Digitale Kultur e.V. as supporter of its cause, please feel free to join as a benefactorial member.