Regulation of Membership Fees

Membership in the association “Digitale Kultur e.V.” requires a membership to achieve its goals according to the articles of association.

§ 1 Membership Fees

The membership fee is 5 Euro per month for normal members. Benefactorial members pay a fee of at least 5 Euro per month.

§ 2 Membership Due Dates

  • Membership fees are due the 1st of the month and are payable per trimester.
  • Billing of membership fees is by calendar month.
  • In case of application in a given trimester fees are due for the rest of the trimester and payable immediately.
  • In case of a termination of membership overpayment will be refunded.
  • Change of membership status is only possible at the beginning of a month.

Becoming a member

To become a member of "Digitale Kultur e.V." please fill out the member application form and send it to given adress. Please inform yourself about the articles of association before you do so.

Information about membership application for non german applicants

Non german applicants can only join as benefactorial members. This is due to a decision taken by the executive committee. If the amount of non german and therefore probably not general meeting attending people becomes to high the possibility exists that the association is no longer able to make decisions or form a quorum (Article 8.5). Therefore, if you want to join Digitale Kultur e.V. as supporter of its cause, please feel free to join as a benefactorial member.