CeBIT 2005

10th-16th march 2005 | Hannover

CeBIT 2005: Realtime meets culture

From May 10th to 16th and with support from ATI and Intel, Digitale Kultur e.V. presents the Demoscene at CeBIT, the world’s biggest computer exhibition in Hanover.

As co-exhibitor of ATI and with support from Intel, Digitale Kultur e.V. presents the worldwide network of approximately 15.000 computer artists, the so called “Demoscene”, in hall 27.

In collaboration with Intel GmbH and ATI, Digitale Kultur gives interested visitors an understanding of the technical and artistic contact with computers. The focus of the presentation are mostly exhibits from the Digital Art and the Demoscene of the last years.

Alongside, Digitale Kultur aims to give a point of reference for Demosceners at CeBIT, “Aside of the pure meeting point, the exhibition booth has always been more. There has been active exchange between artists and audience.”, Stefan Keßeler – president of the association – summarizes his memories of last year’s appearance.

Uwe Semtner, marketing director of ATI Europe, expresses his astonishment, “The Digitale Kultur booth shows clearly that demos demand a great deal of performance from nowadays’ graphic cards and that our products meet these claims.”

Just recently Digitale Kultur started allowing for the international character of the Demoscene by welcoming international members. So this year at CeBIT, the new Belgium member Peter Smets actively supports the association at the booth.

Press information

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