28th april 2005 | Stuttgart

Realtime Film Festival at fmx/05: submit your works now!

This year’s fmx/05 features a considerably bigger Realtime section. There will be presentations and workshops on demo and cut scenes, machinimas, and Flash, completed by a selection of the best Realtime films. The Realtime films can be handed in online, on or directly here.

Deadline is March 1st, 2005. The best films will be awarded in the categories “best demo” and “best cut scenes,” “best machinima” and “best Flash animation”. Presentation of the nominated films the prizegiving and the Realtime party featuring international Vjs will take place on Thursday, April 28.

The Realtime Film Festval will be completed by a screening of the best films from the Bitfilm Festival, Hamburg. Presentations and screenings of the demo scene are realized in cooperation with Digitale Kultur e.V..

Press information

The press information is available in pdf format.