Evoke 2005

26th-28th august 2005 | Cologne, Vulkanhalle

To the stars of the demoscene


From August 26th to 28th. Digitale Kultur e.V. once again plays host to the demoparty “Evoke 2005Evoke 2005”. The international cream of the demoscene is expected to attend the event in Cologne.

The demoscene, an open community of creative programmers, graphic artists and musicians will meet this weekend to compete under the headline “The demoscene space odyssey“ at Colognes Vulkanhalle in various artistic competitions.

“Demoparties provide the space for a personal exchange of the creative minds who otherwise only cooperate through the internet” says Stefan Keßeler, chairman of Digitale Kultur e.V.. “We provide this service to the community for the 8th time now. Within the industrial background of the Vulkanhalle we have found a perfect setting”.

Besides meeting other demosceners, competitions in programming, graphics and music are the main focus of the event. “Comparison of the groups abilities was and always will be a central part of every demoparty” explains Tobias Heim, one of the main organizers of the event. In addition, a newcomer award is presented every year.


“Attractive prizes and a low entrance fee can only be made possible by the support of companies like Intel and Ati”, adds Tobias Heim. For the fourth year in a row, Intel is the main sponsor of Evoke. The partnership with ATI started last year could also be successfully renewed.

The visitors will also be presented with the first edition of “SCEEN”, a magazine dealing with the demoscene as well as all other forms of “digital extravaganza”. Alex Scholz, editor of the magazine, emphasises: “With the release of SCEEN we hope to contribute a further facet to the exciting profile of Evoke, pinch some positive impulses to its visitors and introduce a magazine that lives up to the innovation, creativity and energy of the demoscene.”

Demoscene on TV

Another highlight will be available to the customers of NetColognes MultiKabel: the info channel “colognealive.tv” will broadcast selected competition entries from Evoke 2005. Besides this the Team from demoscene.tv will broadcast live from the event.

Press Release

The press release for Evoke 2005 as PDF

Evoke 2005