Evoke 2006

11th-13th august 2006 | Cologne, Vulkanhalle

Evoke approaching – Mind the Gap!


From 11th to 13th of August Digitale Kultur e.V. is organizing the demoparty Evoke 2006. International “stars“ of the demoscene and around 400 visitors from all around the world are being expected to visit this computer arts festival in Cologne.

At Evoke graphicians, musicians and programmers meet and compete against each others in different competition-categories. The audience votes for the best audiovisual piece of art, which is then going to be awarded at the end of the event. “The competition between the different demogroups is an integral part of every demoparty ever since the beginning in the 1980s,“ says Tobias Heim, one of the main organizers of Evoke.

In the demoscene, the name “Evoke“ is now being held as a brand for quality for quite some time. High reward in prize money and the ambience of the party are attracting the best of the best of the demoscene to come to Cologne. “Interesting prizes and a low entrance fee, we are only being able to keep, thanks to the dedication of our sponsors,“ stresses Tobias Heim. “We are very happy about Intel supporting Digitale Kultur e.V. as the main sponsor the fifth year in a row.“

Apart from the competitions the party is an excellent forum for all the computer-artists. Quoting Stefan Keßeler, chairman of Digitale Kultur e.V.: “For this, Evoke 2006 again - for the ninth time - provides the perfect surrounding. With the Vulkanhalle we found the ideal qualifications.“ Since last years Evoke the german “Grimme Online Award“ and “Kölner Treff“ (a german public-TV-show) have been held at the former industrialmanufacturing hall.

For the ones who are not able to experience the combination of digital art and industrial charm on-site, demoscene.tv is delivering the party live via internet to their homes.

Press Release

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Evoke 2006