December 27th, 2006

Fifth Annual Awards

Digitale Kultur e.V. supports the annual » Awards« which are presented at Breakpoint 2007 . The best demoscene productions from 2006 will be awarded by a jury. More details and a list of the award categories are available on the website. A list of the nominees was released 1st of march.

Fifth Annual Awards
August 11th, 2006 | Evoke

Evoke 2006

Digitale Kultur e.V. invites you to the ninth installment of the popular demoparty in the Vulkanhalle in Cologne, this year with a “railway station“ theme

Evoke 2006
July 21st, 2006

»Computer Art from Europe« in New York City

Digitale Kultur e.V. is proud to present an introduction to the demoscene at Think Tank (New York City) on the 21st of July. Ethan Vogt (of Furnance Media ) will be screening award-winning Demos from recent European Demo parties

Computer Art from Europe in New York City
May 3rd, 2006

fmx/06 again with Realtime Film Festival

fmx/06 is one of the world-leading international conferences on animation, effects, realtime and content. The Realtime Film Festival again is hosted at fmx and Digitale Kultur e.V. is - once again - proud to support fmx-staff with presentations and screenings about the demoscene.

fmx/06: Realtime Film Festival